BUFF Midweight Merino Wool

BUFF Midweight Merino Wool


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Barn Melange - Midweight Merino Wool Multifunctional Neckwear. Created for versatility and protection against cold, Midweight Merino products are a good fit for fresh and cold weather. Offering warmth, comfort all in one natural BUFF® product. Designed for those in search for a natural fiber product, it provides a perfect fit for low and medium intensity outdoor activities like walking and snowshoeing. Ideal for mild and cool weather conditions. One size fits all. Designed for adults.


Two layers of natural Eco-Friendly Merino Wool of 300 gr/m².

One layer of natural Eco-Friendly Merino Wool layer of 250 gr/m².

Over 12+ different possibilities to wear! Enjoy versatility and freedom in one product.

100% Produced using exclusively renewable resources and processes always respectful with the animals to minimize the effects on the ecosystem.              

Totally 100% Eco-Friendly product. Help building a better world and enjoy the natural touch of our eco products.

Fabrics preventing any possible bacterial growth and thus avoiding bad smells when used.

UPF 50+


Care Instructions

Wash by hand 

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