Gordini Fall Line III Womens Mitt


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Gordini Fall Line III Womens Mitt

The Gordini Fall Line III Mittens have a rich history of being a warm and comfortable option to take to the mountain. Gordini has brought out the next generation of Fall Line - the Fall Line III. Durability and warmth will ensure that you have an excellent mitten protecting you from the cold winter weather. Megaloft Insulation with a Hydrowick Microdenier Lining will keep the heat close by but without the bulk found in other insulation. The Hydrowick Lining pulls the moisture from your skin and allows it to evaporate quickly so that your hands remain dry and comfortable even when you're charging hard. An Aquabloc Insert is designed to block moisture from entering the mitten and wreaking havoc on your hands. It also provides breathability so the moisture can escape. The strong exterior of 3 Layer Ply Fabrics add another layer of breathability and waterproofing as well as windproof properties to help you combat the winter weather. Skiers need a solid layer of protection against the cold and snow so if you want a reliable mitten that's tough, provides plenty of grip and will help keep your hands warm then you'll want to get a pair of the Gordini Fall Line III Mittens.

  • Megaloft Insulation
  • Hydrowick Microdenier Lining
  • Aquabloc Insert
  • Gauntlet Cinch Closure

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