Opening Day!

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To our valued customers,

Welcome back, we are so happy to be here and so excited to see our winter family!

To navigate the new environment we face, the Uptop will of course implement all safety and cleaning protocols required for a healthy and happy shopping environment

Personal service, expertise, and dedication is what we have been practicing for the past 24 years, so we’re ready to go!

We are proud to announce that during the past 6 months we have worked tireless to bring an online shopping platform to the store. Many of you will be delighted to be able to shop the Uptop from the comfort of your couch (wine optional). We are so happy we can offer this experience but more than anything we always look forward to seeing you in person. Find us at or on instagram @uptopshop.

In addition to our regular store hours private shopping appointments will now be offered.

Please book your appointment here or through the link in our instagram profile. (If all of this seems like a hassle, just give us a call. We’re here for you!) 905-853-4512

October Hours

Tuesday - Wednesday
9am - 12pm (private appointments)
12pm - 6pm (regular hours)
Thursday - Friday
9am - 12pm (private appointments)
12pm - 6pm (regular hours)
6pm - 8pm (private appointments)
10am - 5pm (regular hours)
10am - 12pm (private appointments)
12pm - 5pm (regular hours)


The Ladies at The Uptop.

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