THERM-IC Heated Women's Vest with Powerbank


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THERM-IC Heated Women's Vest with Powerbank 

Product description

Heated gilet women with Bluettoth cable, ideal for full enjoyment of your outdoor activities. The 5 heating areas distributed throughout the jacket provide gentle, uniform warmth.

  • 5 ultra-thin heating elements, allowing for good heat distribution around the stomach, pockets, kidneys, and back. 
  • Compact and lightweight, you can easily fold up your jacket and save space in your bag.
  • Jacket made without materials of animal origin.
  • Bluetooth function for control the heating level with your smartphone.
  • Works with all external chargers. 
  • Estimated heating time according to the power bank’s capacity:
    3000 mAh = 3h
    5200 mAh (Therm-ic Universal Powerbank) = 5h
    10 000 mAh = 10h

    The USB cable allows you to activate the Therm-Ic jacket’s Bluetooth® so you can control its heating function via the Therm-Ic heat control app.
    When the jacket is not connected to the app, the heating power will be at its maximum. By connecting the jacket to the app, you can control the heating power by choosing a  suitable setting.
  • USE
    Connect the external charger to the USB cable on the interior of your pocket and slide it inside the jacket. The heated jacket is compatible with all external chargers. The Therm-ic universal external charger is recommended. • Unplug the powerbank from the vest to stop the heater. 
    Unplug the battery after each use.

     You can wash your jacket in the washing machine, do not forget to put the cap on the USB connector! 

    When not in use, store as follows:
    When storing the appliance, allow it to cool down before folding;
    Do not crease the appliance by placing items on top of it during storage.

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